We're so bored of restaurants with their static menus and uninventive vegetable dishes. We have food Attention Deficit Disorder and are always craving something different. What, you too? We thought we were the only ones...



So we're changing the gameThink...

Unannounced menus that change every week.

Chefs with a limitless freedom to create.

A focus on vegetables and all their glory.

Quality not quantity.

The perfect blend of culinary artistry and science.

Intimate, personal dining ​​​with a limit of 30 guests.

Chef Daphne Cheng and Suite ThreeOhSix invite you to experience the latest creations churning out of our kitchen laboratory. Sometimes we even let other chefs into our kitchen because we are nice.  (If you're a chef interested in hosting a dinner, click here.) 
Suite ThreeOhSix is a private supperclub for friends only. Email us at meetme@suitethreeohsix.com for more details.

Prepare yourself for a highly experimental multi-course mea​l. We never announce our menus because it's more fun that way. But because we know you're dying of curiosity (we have the perfect fix​ for that btw), you may check out menus and photos from past dinners here.

No picky eaters allowed. 





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