Hi, I'm Daphne.

 I pretty much think about food 24/7. If I'm not cooking it, eating it, taking pictures of it, or reading about it, I'm dreaming about it, talking about it, or teaching someone else how to enjoy it best. 

I was supposed to be an engineer, or a doctor, or some other "prestigious" professional, but I always knew in my heart it wasn't the right path for me. After attending the University of California, Berkeley for one year, I withdrew and decided to follow my culinary dreams. I made my way to New York to attend culinary school and launched my own catering company soon after graduating. I was lucky enough to have prepared food for many wonderful individuals, companies, nonprofits, and celebrities including Vera Wang, Peter Max, Alec Baldwin, John Bartlett, and Lea Michele in a span of 2.5 years.

As a chef, my style of cuisine is borrowed from memories here and there, blended, and revisioned as a new, eclectic cuisine. I like to call it ethnically ambiguous. I love vibrant flavors and colors, contrasting textures, and celebrating vegetables as the focus of my dishes.

Suite ThreeOhSix is a place to share food and recipes, a testing ground for new ideas, and a launchpad for my future restaurant. I hope you will join us and catch the same passion for food!

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